Riesling Rising – Weinbau Paetra

Willamette Valley Pin . . . No. Stop there. Riesling. Willamette Valley Riesling. For winemakers and the wine obsessed, this combination brings little surprise. For most, Riesling sounds like an afterthought in the land of world-class Pinot Noir. Enter Weinbau Paetra. Buy, pop, swirl, and see. Bill Hooper worked his way into a few fine […]

The Aromatic Queen: Alsatian Riesling

I encourage those I encounter to explore distinctive wines. Nearly all mass market concoctions follow a recipe that provides, but fails to entice or seduce. If you seek intriguing wine, start with the Rieslings of Alsace. I already hear the crowd roaring. “Riesling? Really? Plus, I drink red wine.” Yes. Riesling. For one, Riesling uniquely expresses […]

Spare Parts Needed: Wine in the Finger Lakes

I step off the flatbed of the vineyard truck and on to the soil I have come to explore. As I brush straw from my pant leg, winemakers and viticulturists John and Mark Wagner, Cameron and Tim Hosmer,  and Tom Macinski guide my group of wine writers through one of Wagner’s estate riesling vineyards. This is boutique […]

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