Sample Policy

Wagon Wine accepts samples of wine and wine-related products. However, we will only write about the wines or products that we like.

Why accept samples? Samples allow for a broader scope—we have opportunities to review wines and products we would not have otherwise. Wagon Wine also accepts offers to travel and visit wineries, as this affords us an opportunity to experience the place, details, and nuances of specific wineries and vineyards. With wine, these details matter profoundly.

If you want to mail samples, please email Matthew for a mailing address.

Final notes:

  • Acceptance of samples does not guarantee a favorable review, or that a review will be given. We review wines and wineries that we recommend.
  • If you do send wine, email us in advance and send the tracking info for your shipment.
  • As temperatures heat up over the summer (July—August), contact us prior to shipping during these months, or delay shipment until late September.

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