Senses open. Descriptors flitting and nesting within your brain. Noticing brings meaning and ultimately peace, balm in our hurried world. Harvard Psychologist Ellen Langer agrees, and suggests we practice mindfulness, the “simple act of actively noticing things” (more here). I propose that engaged wine tasting is mindfulness, a means to appreciate the fullness of life. […]

Unscientific Reflections from a Millennial Wine Writer

As a wine writer, reader, and consumer, I hear a lot about the significance of the Millennial Generation on both the current and future wine trade. Millennials in the United States have taken to wine at a younger age than previous generations–my personal experience concurs. Projections suggest we, Millennials, will continue to play a substantial […]

Inclined to Syncline

As well as recline at Syncline’s estate winery (see photo and caption below). A recent visit to Syncline Cellars, near Lyle, Washington, left me giddy to write this post. James and Poppie Mantone have crafted distinctive, memorable wines, while also creating an idyllic destination winery. Inclined to recline while drinking Syncline wine Located along the […]

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